Restart does not work!?



I installed OS X on a new drive. There are two partitions (the first 7.5 GB and the second the rest of the space). After formatting and partitioning the drive, I installed 9.1 from the installation disk. I rebooted and it runs fine. Then I installed OS X. It booted up just fine. I selected restart and it froze for about 15 minutes before I powered down the box. I was worried but it started up just fine. Then I chose restart again and this time it shut down but on start up the happy mac screen went totally wild. The video display went crazy and the screen froze. I powered down and restarted and it booted just fine.

I can choose shut down and the box shuts down properly. I can cold boot into OS X without a problem, but restart does not work.

Any ideas or help?

David Armour