Restart Error


I've taken this laptop to several Apple stores and then some. They all give me different "solutions" to my problem in the way of replacing parts. Originally I was told the hard drive went bad, so I installed a new one. Then an Mac "Genius" told me that there was a fan that needs to be replaced but since there was no warranty that it would run me $900. I brought to an Apple certified repair center and they went on to tell me the hard drive was bad but when I left it with them for three weeks, they did nothing with it and said it was working fine. Now I have it back and I can sit and tool around for about 15-20 minutes until the "You need to restart your computer" error pops up. I have no idea where to go from here.


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Run Apple Hardware Test (boot from install disc 1 that came with that Mac, and hold down ALT key for PPC Macs, D for Intel Macs to boot to AHT), and run Extended test in loop mode for at least an evening.

You are not mentioning more of the errors you are receiving, but I would first want to eliminate bad RAM as the potential cause. I suspect AHT will give you some error code. Post it here for diagnosis.