restore old iTunes playlists from external drive.


I have a new iBook. The disk drive from my old (deceased) iBook is sitting in an external enclosure, and I have been able to restore my data and applications from it.

However, I want to restore get my iTunes playlists. I managed to copy over the music files - but how do I restore my playlists?


As long as you backed everything up, there should be an xml file that you can export into your new itunes that will restore your playlists. In your old disk, t's in Music, and then go into the iTunes folder, in the level just before you go into iTunes Music. You import using the Import option under File in iTunes, and then browse for that xml file I mentioned. The file itself should be called iTunes Music Library.xml. If that doesn't do the trick, then a file called iTunes Library, labelled as Data on the icon, could also work. I've done this on both a mac and a pc using the xml. Hope that helps.