Restoring an ipod


So I decided to buy a pc for college since I already have a mac and I would like to use both operating systems. Unforcentally my ipod is not regonized by itunes or the pc in any way. If you know how to solve this please aneswer this question first.
I do know that I must reformat my ipod to use it on XP since it is formated for mac. Since the PC does not regonize it I am trying to do this with my mac before plugging it into the pc. When I open up ipod updater neither the update ipod nor restore ipod is avialabe as an option. I have athenticated the connection. Followed apples instructions and it is not working. Any suggestions would save my day.

OS 10.2.8/XP home

Ipod updater 1.3 and latest one for windows.

Thanks again.


You can't use an iPod with Macs and a PC. Has to be one or the other. Decide which and use the software update/reinstaller from and reformat.


That's what he just said... he was explaining that the software wasn't working correctly.

Have you tried enabling disk use? It seems that my iPod was rarely recognised when I had switched the disk use option off, but then after switching it on, the iPod was found all the time.


That was the problem and the windows can now regonize it and the mac can reformat it. However the windows can not. When I click reformat it says "Do not lock. Close all other programs using ipod." Or something along those lines. Any ideas on how to alow formating?


Randman said:
Has to be one or the other.
Not entirely true, PC formated iPods CAN be accesed from a mac ,just not vice versa, ive done this several times with different friends iPods. Thats through iTunes and running *ahem* 3rd party apps, dont know about using it as a hard drive as none of the ipods i opened had the 'use as hard drive' option enabled.
Dont know much about the rest, but if you click "restore" on the mac updater its just gonna put the mac formatting back on it, its gonna have to be done from a pc,..... might help! Good Luck!