Restoring from backup


I had some problems with the drive that I also had X on (another partition) and I had to reformat.
After the reformat I restored all the files on the X disk wich I had copied to DVD-Ram in OS9.
But now I can't boot X anymore, I just get a broken systemfolder and nothing more.
Is there anything to to besides a re-install ?


I think it is because the partition of UNIX is not recognized under OS 9.

When I startup my computer with option key is pressed, it shows me 3 systems. Actually there are two only, OS X and OS 9.1. I don't know why. I just guess. If I am right, you had formated your harddisk as UNIX before.


The drive where formatted in 9.1 as "normal" MacOS partitions.
But perhaps the X installers did something else later on.


Do not read this sign.
If you copied the files back in OS 9 then I'm guessing OS 9 doesn't have a clue what a Unix symbolic link is--and why should it, poor 9.

So when you copied your OS X files onto the drive, the symbolic links were broken. Links such as /etc -> /private/etc and something like /mach -> /mach-kernel. I'd suggest booting into a CD-based OS X finder or terminal, but I don't think one exists, unless you can boot the OS X installation CD in single user mode. Have you ever tried single user mode?