Restoring Imovie File Extensions


Recently had an external firewire 60 gig hard drive failure; it was originally formatted 4 years ago on Mac OS 9.x.

A number of iMovie files had been created, and rescued from the old drive, and moved to a new hard drive, but the file extensions apparently changed (or removed) during rescue.

"Generic" icons appear for the iMovie main file; same for the individual clips.

I can get Mac OS 10.4.2 to "recognoze" iMovie main file by manually adding the file extension *.iMovieProject". When opened, it asks to update to the latest version, which works OK; However, the structure shows the clips and transitions, but the clips and transitions do not automatically import into the project.

I can add the extension *.dv to each clip, recoginzied by OS 10.4.2 as Quicktime files; and they play just fine; however, they do not automatically import into iMovie. I'd have to drag and click in sequence, and, in essence, rebuild the project from scratch. Somewhat inconvenient! Any suggestions? thanks!