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I just installed the demo for Wolf, but it runs worse than crap on my PowerBook G3 500. Other Quake 3 based games like Alice run just fine, but this one really blows.

It's too bad too, because it is totally awesome on PC and I stayed up 'til 4AM last night playing that one level over and over again agaist some random internet dudes!

id's Graeme Devine says the app runs awesomely on his Dual 800, but has anyone with significantly slower hardware had good results playing it? And did I do the proper install by draggin his iDisk stuff into the other folder? Or are there two versions of the game?
I installed the test version, too, and find it about on par with the speed of the demo for Alice (manageable). I don't offhand know the command to check framerates. The main thing I did notice was that it took forever to load the actual map. That, and I don't know what to do. I don't have anyone nearby to play the level with, and basically run around trying to avoid the chicken wire.

I should note that I'm using the default settings of 640x480 with high detail, but at 32bit, not 16 (which I think was the default).

Anyway, I installed it by installing it on a PC, copying that folder over, and dragging the App into that folder. Worked fine that way.
but on what hardware? I'm gonna try it again, but it just ran like totall shit the first time I installed it. Way slower than it should have.
I didn't post it, because it's in my signature, but here it is:

Blue and White Revision 1 400 MHz G3 with 320 MB of RAM, and 36 GB total harddrive
Sorry, I guess my impatience has been revealed! So then if you can run it I should be able to on my G3 500, right? Right, now we'll see.
Well, probably. The B&W G3s came with a ATI Rage 128 with 16MB of RAM, which I think was better graphics card than what came with the PowerBooks for a very long time.
Well that's the same graphics card I have, basically. Except with only 8 megs of Video Ram. And I only have 256 megs total. Yet I still haven't tested it all out again. Ok, mybe I will NOW.
The latest release that I got (b7) seems to work fine, and people on seem to have most of their problems fixed. I haven't noticed any real difference, but then again, I haven't noticed any bugs. I'd really like to know how to use things (such as the mounted guns). I've tried activation keys, but none seem to work.
So I tried it again, and this time it worked fairly well Still a little choppy, but I think that's because OS X doesn't support that graphics card, maybe I'm wrong. At this point the real problem is that using a trackpad is a dumb way to play. Better just keep playing on my roommate's PC until I get a new desktop system.

To use the mounted guns, press the control key when the little hand icon is displayed.
Wolfmp worked great on my computer. I have a BW with a 500mhz g4 card. I do have 768mb ram, which may help a little bit. I have not tried it on my powerbook, but I did play it on my friends pc, and it was incredibly slow, with worse graphics. THis may have been because his computer is not very powerful...