Revert back to OS 9?

After having installed OS X PB on my G4/400 1st gen, I was immediately pleased with the smooth installation and ease of startup. After spending more time using OS X, I realize this is not for me, yet. I cannot print, burn CDs, or do anything that I really need to. My question is, how do I revert back to OS 9 (is it even possible)? I installed OSX over OS 9 on my main internal ATA drive on the same partition as OS 9. I also have a secondary ATA drive which is formatted for HFS, and is no longer visible under OS X.

The printer I am attempting ot use is the Epson Stylus Photo 1200 USB. Has anyone had any luck with any USB Epson Printers?

Most importantly if someone could explain how to revert back to OS 9, you would be a lifesaver. You can either email it to me or reply. Thanks in advance.

Use the System Disk app to set booting into OS 9. The other, quick-and-dirty, way to do it is to hold down the Option key at startup. This is a pain in the ass, though, because you have to wait for OS X to cycle through all the potential Systems (this is a holdover from OS X Server).

I've heard that Epson isn't releasing drivers until OS X Release. Sux. This alone will be enough to keep me jumping back and forth between OS 9 and OS X.
I have an Epson printer as well which will not work. I heard that they are unsuported. The OS X kept me guessing about this until I read an apple TIL that said only a few USB printers are supported. Which printers are supported? Does anyone know?
Peter P.

I experienced similar problems and also realized that I needed to revert back to OS9 in order to continue using my computer for normal use. I booted up using my OS 9 disk and found 4 or 5 other folders along with my OS9 folder on the hard drive. I trashed the 4 or 5 folders and and took the contents out of OS9 folder and placed on the hard drive, then trashed the empty OS9 folder. I then rebooted my computer and everything seems to work fine. The only difference was that all my email and setting in Outlook Express were gone; everything else is OK.

I recommend not using a primary computer to test the new os. It will be fun but also a challenge over the next few months.