rewriting message-id with sendmail?

Cow Loon

I want to have the host/domain name part of the message id match what I have in the From header. For example:

Say hostname on my machine prints:

What I get now always includes this hostname, e.g.:

Message-ID: <20dm2md.20fdm249&#64;>

Instead I want the hostname to change.

If I have:

From: frank&#64;

the message id should be (like):

Message-ID: <20dm2md.20fdm249&#64;>

similarly, if I have:

From: asdf&#64;

the message id should be (like):

Message-ID: <209d02j3md.209rm209j&#64;>

On linux I had my mail program (GNUS) form the message-id. But, now I'm using and I don't know of a way to specify how the message-id should be formed.

What can I do (aside from read the manual)?