Riddle me this... Shrinkwrap and OSX


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First person to tell me a way of successfully mounting Shrinkwrap .img files while in OSX 10.1 is OFFICIALLY my new hero and shall be noted as such in my signature.:)
i'd love to as well. anyone who downloaded that update from macidiot and got it to work- let me know!

=- boi.
Dunno. Search me. Anyone who tells me will... will get nothing :D. Have fun racking your brains!

Surely theres a way, do a search on other forums... ill look on macfixit (HERESY!!!) and see what comes up.
use the disk copy from applications -> utilities. click image -> burn image. select the .img file, and tada!
it worked for me- i hope it works for y'all!
l8r g8rs.

=- boi.
Have you tried the hdid command?

That would just go:

hdid /path/to/the.img

It works in 10.0.4, haven't got 10.0 yet. Actually, in 0.4 it's a loooot quicker than waiting for diskcopy to grind to life