Rogue Cron Using All My Cpu


About the time I upgraded my Dual G5 to Tiger I noticed that my % CPU usage was going through the roof. Here's what I know about the problem:

1a. The process name is called "cron" and is owned by root.
1b. It's parent process is launchd
1c. This process has no children.

2. If I kill the process, it is automatically restarted.

3. It's taking up between 95-98% of my cpu power.

4a. A check of crontab -e for either my user or root reveals no jobs running/scheduled.
4b. I've checked the following cron related files:
/var/cron/tabs/<my-user-name> and /etc/crontab. Both are empty with the /etc/crontab containing a note to check the /System/Library/LaunchDaemons. Here I found a plist file that points to the var/cron/tabs, but I see no sheduled jobs in any crontabs.

5. This process starts up near the beginning of the machine's boot up. I've removed all start up items and it still runs.

I am probably a intermediate computer user (mac user since early '90's). I frequently use the terminal to do software builds etc., but would only consider myself a unix beginner.

Any help tracking figuring how to reclaim my processing power would be HIGHLY appreciated.
Hmm. It might be interesting to know a bit more about the process is doing. What is the full command line that called the process ('ps ax' will tell you), what files the process has open ("lsof -c cron" will tell you")...