Root in Login Window?


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I really like the login window that shows all of the users' names and lets you click on one and log in. But Root doesn't show up in that mode. I tried to get it to show up by messing around in NetInfo, but it didn't work. Is there a way I can do this?



:) It's in the Login panel of System Preferences on the second Tab. Just check name and password entry fields and things will be just like OSX 10.0.4 and you can log right in as root! I sure was glad when I noticed that option was there; I thought I had lost root access!


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I know that I can have the "Name and Password Entry Fields" option, but I like "List of users" mode. The problem is that "list of users" doesn't show root.


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Just to clarify.

If you wish to have a list of users with the pictures AND want to still be able to log in as Root, check the "List of users with accounts on this computer" radio button and the "Show "Other User" in list" check box.

That way you get all the pretty names and pictures but still have the option to log in as root and console if you need to.