if the terminal line begins with #root, then, shouldÇnt I have all the privileges? I am trying to access the /etc with no sucess- I donÇt have the priviliges. Is there anywhere I can check my user status for sure and really verify that I am root and have the priviliges?according to netinfomanager I am root. I need to write a line i hostconfig. wich will solve the mount problem.


many thanks

The easyest way would be to log into your machine as root. You won't even have to bother using Terminal though. But you will encounter one problem - root has its own password that is hidden to you. But there is a nice workaround.

Step 1:
Go to applications/utilities and open NetInfo Manager. A window will appear.

Step 2:
You then select users/yourname.

Step 3:
Click on the lock at the bottomn of the window and enter your administrator password (you have to be logged in as an administrator at this time). Now NetInfo Manager is unlocked.

Step 4:
In the lower list choose the value for passwd, highlight and copy it in the clipboard.

Step 5:
As before, go to users/root in the upper list in the window. Select it.

Step 6:
In the lower list choose the value for passwd, highlight and paste from the clipboard.

Lock again. That's it. Root will have you password now, which you can use in the log-in process. (Log out first!!!)

What it does?
Root got another password than you selected while installing OSX for the administrator. I think, Apple wanted to make sure, all the Mac Users that like moving things around in the system, cannot make severe damage to the system. In OS9 you could damage your machine seriously, but OS10 is off for another horizon. It's Unix. So if you are not sure about how it works - better don't explore your new possibilities by trial and error. Remember, logging in as root gives you total control over the system. It's powerful stuff - and you have been warned.

Nevertheless, I think we should decide on our own whether to log in as Donald Duck, Administrator or even root. We're grown up people here. This is why I showed you the trick.

Your password is scrambled in NetInfo Manager. But if you copy the scrambled password to root's password - the system will believe it`s the same password.

great reply! I´ll look in to that. BTW have you any thougts about the disk mount problem? I can´t mount . dmg at all, and there is more people with the same problem according to several user groups.

all best,
Hello Skaneby!

Well, if you have the same problem I had, it should be easy to solve. Just manually open Disk Copy from Applications/Utilities. You then get a new window where you can drag on the files you would like to mount. (e.g. your unmountable dmg files). If this doesn't work, try replacing the final .dmg for .img. Because OSX unlike OS9 does care for the appendix.

If you still are unable to mount, download shrinkwrap from versiontracker. It's an OS9 application, that is able to mount almost anything. ;) Still, I am not sure if it works from OSX.