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I can't log in as root! My admin password isn't right?! Huh?!

I don't really NEED to log in as root, but I want to be able to. Does anyone know if OS X has a particular way of giving root access that doesn't involve the password I told it for my regular admin account?

I'm confused. :(

an admin accounthas sudo priveleges so you can command line...
sudo passwd root

enter your password
enter root's password twice

or in netinfo (a utility in your applications folder)
Domain -> Security -> Change Root Password

once you have made a valid root password, you can log in as root. I wouldn't recommend it though. Also, root's home directory is nowhere near everyone else's. It a security thing.
That's awesome! Here I was thinking that sudo was intended to keep ou from using su, not letting you have at it another way. Wow, I might just add that as an alias in my .tcshrc!

This is the unix related discussions right?
sudo can be used to stop you from using su, or any other command, for that matter. There is a file called /etc/sudoers which describes who is allowed to sudo, and what commands they are allowed to run through sudo. Apple happens to have allowed administrators to run every command there is through sudo.

incidentally, the "usual" style for getting a root shell with sudo is "sudo -s"