rootless Xfree86 stuff


I just finally got Xfree86 to run rootless without a hitch.

The sequence of installs of Xfree86 went something like this.

1. read "Rootless X Server on Mac OS X" at ""
and followed instructions. This didn't work, but it might be part
of the reason the next step (no pun intended) worked.

2. gave up on the approach posted at O'ReillyNet, but I "DID"
follow through with the whole article (300MB download of
source code which took two hours to compile and 10
minutes to install).

3. read somewhere that there was an OSX (installer) Package of
Xfree86 (only 50MB download!!) at "". This
package did the trick!! It uses twm as the default window
manager (which sucks), so I also downloaded AfterStep (based
on the NextStep GUI) at the same site.

Now I can run applications on another machine and display it
along side of my OS X Aqua Desktop!!!! Since most window
managers need to be a fully functional independent desktop,
most window managers inadvertently intrude on the Aqua

AfterStep is great because you can turn off most redundant
desktop features like the dock and the things hanging from the
top of the screen. To do this in AfterStep, just click and release
really quick on one of the frame edges on the perimeter of the
desktop (you have to have a dark Aqua desktop picture to see the
frame edges). This should pop up a menu. To keep the menu from
disappearing, just click on the the title bar.

With the main menu open, select "Main Menu > Modules > Stop"
You should see a list of modules to stop. Select "Stop Wharf" to
remove AfterStep's Dock. Select "Stop Pager" to remove the page
controller you see in the top right corner of the AfterStep Desktop.
The OSXGNU distribution of AfterStep should install and run without
a start bar placed at the top left of the screen. If it does appear just
select "Stop WinList".

I like to remove these things, because you can be more productive
using one GUI. The nice thing about the rootless version of Xfree86
mentioned above is that the windows generated by Xfree86 can be
controlled by Mac OS X's mouse/key combinations. To hide a Xfree86
window, just make that window active by clicking on it. Then to hide
XDarwin just option-click on the desktop or any
Aqua application.
Use speed download available at Version Tracker. This app splits downloads into multiple streams - better saturates the pipeline.