Hello all, I was looking for a little advice if possible.. I currently am online via a Broadband service which (i think) is an ethernet connection.. however the computer is situated downstairs, and I want to take it upstairs & to the other side of the house, obviously the internet connection is fixed to the wall downstairs so I was told I would need a "router..?" I wondered if there was anyone who could explain a little more about the products you can get - or any tried & tested brands for Apple.. especially running Tiger.. I am weary of buying anything incase it states "compatible with Macintosh" on the box, but then at a later date discovering Tiger is too new for that product..

I hope I explained that well enough..? I really would appreciate any help or guidance.. I'm pretty sure its an ethernet cable connection, but it is broadband.. if that makes any difference.. or sense lol.

thank you. :)

If you have more than one computer then you need a gateway router and I've used a Netgear one and a really cheap one from Maplins. Both worked as expected but check what your internet connection actually is, if it's ADSL (through a phone line) then you need an ADSL gateway router, if it's a cable broadband connection then you need a gateway router for that.

Basically, you connect your internet connection to the gateway router and then plug in your Mac and PC's into the router via network cables.

If you only have one computer then you just need to extend the cable that plugs into your Mac.

An alternative to the above is to install a wireless network with Apple's Airport product, see the Apple website for details.

I hope this helps.

Paul Perrins
Technically, what you need is a router and a multi-port
switch. We have a LinkSys Cable/DSL router with 8-port switch
for our home ethernetlet (3 macs, 3 printers), and it works
like a charm -- plug and play, no setup software, etc.

All you need to know is sequence. To set up the system:
1. Turn off everything
2. Power up the cable modem -- wait until it finishes
....handshaking with the front office (On mine, power light 1, home handshake is light 2). Wait until
....light 2 stops blinking.
3. Turn on the router -- wait until it finishes
....handshaking with the modem (light 3 on the
....modem stops blinking.
4. Turn on your equipment.
Folks, you really need to read more carefully. He sad he wants to move his Mac, not establishing a network with two or more machines. :rolleyes:

To threadstarter:
Like mentioned in the first reply, if you have an ADSL connection you only have to get a longer cable to connect your mac. Depending on the distance, I would see how much the cable would cost, and how much a comparable wireless product would cost you. Maybe that would be a bit more efficient.

I think the same would go for a cable-connection