Routing Mac Sound to Home Speakers

I'm looking to buy a new receiver and I was curious on how I can properly hook up my mac (iMac DV SE 500 mhz running MacOS X) to it so I can play radio streams and the like through my speakers. Anyone know how I can do this?

I am saving up to buy one of these. It will give you better sound than the simple mini-plug to RCA fix (which DOES work). The Stereo-Link is like 120 $ which is really expensive in comparison to a 5 $ dollar cord you can pick up at a Radio Shack or any other electronics store.

tell me if you get the stereo link.
I don't see the point really. I'm big into high performance stereo equipment, and I have no complaints about the 1/8" to RCA wire solution that you can buy for 5 bucks at Radio Shack. The sound cards in Macs are actually very good quality, I have never heard a buzz from bad ground or anything like that at all.