Routing on OS X


Hyo all,

Until recently I was using IPNetRouter on OS 9 to rout internet for a couple of Macs and a PC. As far as I know IPNetRouter is the simplest and cheapest solution to routing internet with only one Ethernet Port ...

Anyway, I'm looking for a router to use under OS X. It needs to be capable of routing internet like IPNetRouter did, I have a difficult ISP so it needs to be a good one. Does anybody have experience with this? Preferably a user-friendly GUI and installation. My Situation home is as follows, my ISP allows to simultanious connections:

Cable Modem -> Hub1
Hub1 -> G4 / Hub2 / Performa / AsanteTalk
Hub2 -> Performa / iMac / Acer / 5300ce / Quadra (soon) / Hub3
Hub3 -> Some other stuff not using internet ...

Any suggestions, ideas, help?
Tx in advance,
I've not used either of these, but they should do the job. I think they are both GUI frontends for the routing built in to BSD:

gNAT is in beta and has received mixed reviews.

Brickhouse does firewalling and routing. I've used earlier versions for firewalling, which worked well, but as I have no need for routing I can't speak for how well it works.

I hope this information is enought to at least get you started.
Actually, I'm and idiot, and missed the "one ethernet port" line.

I think both of these utilities require multiple ethernet interfaces.

Sorry about that.
I am a huge fan of physical routers. Linksys makes one with a four port hub built in. Setup is a breeze, they are relatively cheap ($120?) and I have only had ONE out of TWENTY need any sort of maintenance.

Free up your machine, and spread the bandwidth wealth all in one swoop. You will only use one IP address from your IP (static or dynamic) so they won't give a rats *ss.
My ISP probably would care since they make you pay more if you use more computers :-( Over a good year ago we (my dad (who's paying)) decided to take 2 licenses as a temp. solution. Some months later two more Macs were put online and I set up IPNetRouter on my iMac. It worked fine, but now, IPNetRouter doesn't exist on OS X ...

Anyway, is there a European Dealer for LinkSys?

By spending your money on a router, you only purchase ONE address from your IP and they cannot have any say whether you rout tour connection or not. In fact, they won't be able to tell. The router requests one address from the ISP and the only thing they might see is that a different piece of hardware is being used at your house. The router uses one address and spreads it around.

BTW, router also acts as firewall.

Asante also makes one, but personally I like Linksys better.

You should be able to buy one at any computer shop. Try here:
For a limited time, $19 will buy you a router at microcenter, cincinnati. I don't know anything about them, though. Its some sort of on-sale-rebate thingy.