Roxio Popcorn 1.0.3 Software


I have been seeking answer to this all over the web including going to Roxio's site. I have been using Popcorn on my Blue & White G3 to burn DVD's using the same blank media (Maxell DVD-R / Memorex double layer) and my Pioneer DVR 109 dual layer burner for months. I have burned without incident at least 50 + DVD's. Recently I have recieved this message:

Sense Key=medium error Sense code=0x0c write error

I do not understand what this means or why it is happening. It seems that if you have a large (6 - 7GB) file, after Popcorn compresses it to fit a 4.7GB disc it can't communicate with the burner. And now it won't burn any size file. The burner will burn audio CD's in Toast Titanium even in OS9. Can you give me an idea of what I am dealing with. Incidentally, at the Roxio site there are a number of reports that match mine, but we are apparantly a very small minority encountering this message.

Any help is appreciated.

Tim aka mrloud
The program worked beautifully until recently. The recorded DVD DL will not verify. The status bar on the verification stalls about 3/4 of the way through. I have to force quit Popcorn to stop the process and eject the disc. I review the video TS folder and it's perfect. When I view the Disc on my DVD player there are freezes, chapter skips, and some flurries of video noise. :rolleyes: Is it a media issue? I'm using Ridata.
Thanks for you help.