rpm-3.0.1 ported to MacOSX


Most people will (and probably should) be using the dpkg, but I wanted access to the source code on my LinuxPPC disk. The port was pretty straight forward, but there were a few places I had run into trouble. Just an FYI in case you WTK:

cd into the source directory and:
cp /usr/libexec/config.* .
setenv CFLAGS "-traditional-cpp"

Compile and install:
bzip2 (I re-installed this from the source--I'm not sure that was necessary)
zlib-1.1.3 from: http://www.info-zip.org/pub/infozip/zlib/
db-2.7.7 (see rpm readme before compiling) from: http://www.sleepycat.com/download.html

add to the beginning of popt/popt.h:
#include <float.h>

./configure --host=powerpc-apple-freebsd \

rpm-4.0 is available now at http://www.rpm.org/ -- I haven't gotten around to trying it out. But it's probably a similar compile.

So far... so good...


P.S. Earlier I had run (as root):
find /usr -name "*.a" -exec ranlib {} \;
as a precaution. Again, I'm not sure that was necessary, but you never know.