RPN calculator needs testing


Hi, I've always perfered RPN (reverse Polish notation) calculators to regular arithmatic calculators because of how useful I find the stack. I've tried several different calculators, for the mac and pcs, and they all blow chunks. They're either ugly, short on function options, or just unweildly. So I've written up my own RPN calculator and I need people to test it. it's called xRPN and can be found on versiontracker.com under the OSX section. The current verion on versiontracker only supports 5 or 6 buttons, but after I update versiontracker sometime in the next couple hours, it will support more than half of the functions I want it too. The readme will specify certain "behaviors" of xRPN, what should happen and what should not. You just need to try as many random things as possible to see what breaks it and post here any comment or suggestions. Of note: the current verion does have a bug in the factorial function, but that's been fixed in the latter "build."

Thanks for all u r help,