Rumor: Virtual PC for OS X


I was trying to figure out what my opinion was on the Intel thread below and I drifted off onto the subject of VM Ware.

VM Ware is a great Intel product that make it so you can run multiple flavors of WinDoze, Linux, and BeOS all at the same time. (Not just a dual-boot, but actually running multiple OS's at the same time.)

So, given the opportunity, I think I would consider running OS X on Intel if that meant I could get to use VM Ware and Windows 2000 at the same time.

Finally the rumor... A coworker of mine was invited to a MacOSX demo/discussion at the NASA Ames Research center here in Mountain View CA. He not only got to mingle with a bunch of scientific geeks, he also saw a machine running a pre-release version of Connectix VirtualPC for OS X.

This may in fact be better than the VM Ware option.