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I was rading pure rumors about new chips, especially G5s ....

I dont know about you guys but I would LOVE a 2.5Ghz ... GeForce 3... 80 Gb internal... makes my drool lol :p

well u beat me ;)
I just have a 350 G3 lol ... but it still kick serious ass ;)

I can just imagine it now, my next upgrade...typically I upgrade once every 5-6 years if necessary. I used a performa 635CD for five years, ( 33Mhz 68040 with NO FPU )... computing grew by leaps and bounds in the mean time...and I was drooling over PPC603ev systems, and 604s...and then the first gray G3 systems...then I decided that my 33Mhz couldnt do jacksh*t any more ... word processing, and basic internet was cool. ... but not much real, not much QT extra features, no MPEG, no cool games, no VPC, and especially no MP3s!!!!!! ... it was time to move on... changed systems... and it was like....WOW!!! now I could do all that and play DVDs too!!!.... I can only imagine what my next upgrage will be like ;)

Of course back then PPC chips were growing by leaps and bounds, but once I got my 350 G3 chip speeds kinda stagnated so this kinda adds to my system;s life in general :D ... so I can envision having this computer around for at least another 3 years ;)

lol...that must have been like "WOW!" :p

It's always amazing ;)
I have a supervisor at work, a real jackass that wants to be a know-it-all and he always says "1.3Ghz? 1.8Ghz ? 560MB RAM ? people dont need that much" .... that guy gets on my nerves I seriously want to punch him :p

I have found out that with the more RAM or processor power, or a better graphics card or whatever upgrade my user experience gets MUCH better and I get more creative! I am doing things on my G3 that I wouldnt even begin to imagine doing while I was on my performa (Audio mixing, editing, encoding, video editing and converting, burning CDs viewing high quality videos and listening to high quality music and so many more!) its likea new world opens (if you have the time to experiment that is :p )

Hate to burst your bubble, like mine, but I have the same machine as you (iBookSE 466, 320 RAM...) and it ROCKS in OS9 and I am impressed with my OSX speed - but then I installed X (from a 10.0.3 CD) on a G4 466 (actually, it came installed, but I reinstalled it).

Woe is me - it was SO fast. At least double the G3/OSX speed in the finder. Now I'm in front on my reformatted iBook trying to get more speed out of it.

Should never have even tried:(
The very reason that I don't want to install it on my father's dual 533!

It'd make my 350 and 233 iMacs look kind of pathetic.... Ok, so the 233 running OSX _is_ kind of pathetic... it matches the 56k modem speed anyway.
I use X as my main system, have since it came out. I have a Firewire external which I boot from to use OS9, but I don't need it very often.

I considered X completely useable on my ibook until I tried it on a G4 466.

OSX on a G4 466 matches the speed of OS9 on an iMac 400. Easy.
Although it's not as fast as it could be, I'm fine with it (but I haven't used a 'fast' computer running OS X). I think it's kind of sad that all these people with quad processor G5 1GHz computers (well, compared to an iBook;)) are complaining that OS X is slow. It gets slow sometimes, but it's mostly fine. Then again, I don't mind when games play at 15fps or when I have to wait for something to happen.

Back to rumors: On Go2Mac, they say that the new lineup is completely G4's! With dual processor G4 PowerBooks! That kicks! Wish I had one!