Run Windows on OS X?


I don't know if it's possible on OS X, but there is this software called VMware (
that allows you to run windows on FreeBSD (part of the OS X Kernel). It requires an X window system which we already have, Xtools from I think it would require some hacking to work, but it seems quite possible. Plus this would be native, which would be a a lot better than waiting for Connectix to make a Carbon version of Virtual PC. Anyone know if this sounds feasible?
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Anyone know if this sounds feasible?

Sorry, VMware uses the the fact that there is a i386 in the machine, therefore it is not possible with MacOS X on PPC to take advantage of it.

MacOS X on i386 would be a diffrent story.
There is a project you might be interested in at: I should warn you that this is designed for the pre-X MacOS and the installation process might not be as user-friendly as some of the commerical solutions. It is open-source so the source-code is available and someone who feels comfortable with software development might want to try to get it working natively in MacOS X.

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There is a project you might be interested in at:

Doesn´t Bochs (not macBochs) run on the BSD platform too? You can use it on linux so you would be able to download the source and compile it for OS X. Maybe you need an X-window server but you already know where to find it...

-not running OS X yet but it´s ordered and I´m waiting...
You are probably right about it running on BSD. The website for Bochs is . Anyone who is daring enough and knows anything about software development might want to try getting it working on MacOS X. If anyone does get it working there are a whole bunch of people who would love to hear about it.

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David Batterham wrote the first rev of MacBochs for ppc and 68k machines. I helped him with UI stuff on the second release he made of macbochs. since then, i have kept up sporadically with the changes he's been trying to make (support of new video modes, cdrom and enet) and i have a compiled rev of MacBochs for carbon (using codewarrior 6.0) you can find an alpha level binary at info on my site is non-existant, so i recommend you check out the batterham site first (, then if you like what you see there, you can grab the osx stuff from my site. I should warn you that, although it is capable of running win95 on a fast OSX box, it is quite limited in what it can do.

I downloaded Bochs for MacOS pre-X the other day and I felt that there are a few things that will need to be done to Bochs to make it work even better:
- increase the limit on the disk image size
- add a routine to auto calculate the the `HD` params based on a disk image created by Disk Copy
- add support for virtual devices, so that access to the CD-ROM drive can be provided, amongst other things.
I will see if I can contribute to resolving these points once I get MacOS X. My MacOS pre-X development environment is a little too out of date

if you wish to get in touch with me, i can be reached at <> at this juncture, i am also looking at what will be required to add functionality to MacBochs that already exists for other implementations, namely networking and cdrom support. support for disk images as large as 8gb is currently a limitation of the bios that is shipped with bochs, and my new preferences dialog box will support simplified image size scenarios that are easy to compute, so that all the mess with additional hd info won't be needed, just punch in a number for the size of the drive in megabytes, and a name, and it will build an unformatted drive image for you, and place all the needed info in the prefs file.


it appears my email address was removed somehow from my previous email. you can reach me at

Yeah, It's called: "Virtual PC". Ever heard of it?!? Sorry, not trying to sound harsh or anything, but just read my post titled "Virtual PC X"!