Running .inf files on a Mac?


It all started at 3......
Hi guys,

I have recently been sent a tutorial from one of my work colleagues who uses a PC. The autorun file is in .inf format. This won't run on the Mac and I was wondering if there's an alternative or a workaround for this? Maybe there is some kind of a converter - any suggestions?

Thank you.

Virtual PC will essentially run a Windows PC inside a window so the .inf file will work.

Within Mac OS X, no the .inf file will not work and I am unaware of any kind of auto-running thing either.
Thanks for the prompt reply guys. I have managed to find the tutorial .mov files by digging about but I noticed that my friend had a cool interface that opened up on his PC, but I can't get this up on the Mac as it does use an execute file to run it. I do have Virtual PC but I probably will decide against using it as it is so slow it drives me nuts, haha...

Thanks again.