Running on a G4 Cube

Cube Boy

Got the Public Beta running very well on a G4 Cube, except that I get no sound once OS 9 launches (even in OS X apps) and the thing wont go to sleep (the screen dims, but not pulsing heartbeat -- DP4 did sleep just fine). Sheesh. Otherwise, very stable, has never crashed, and prints to my old HP laser jet.
I've got the public beta running on my cube as well, except sound does not work in classic either. However, I *am* able to get sound in OS X (from the mp3 player for example). If you look at the console after classic starts, you probably get this message:

Sorry, No sound on G4 Cube.

Damn, what's up with this???
I've got the public beta running on a brand new cube (well, 2 weeks old is still new to me)! Sorry to hear you have sound problems, cause I don't. Even with my not-suggested 64 Mb of RAM, sound work fine under the Classic emulation.

You guys know that the sound system of Mac OS 9 is independent of Mac OS X right? You can mute your computer under Mac OS 9 and wake your roomate with the startup sound as you reboot in Mac OS X; I supose it is the same thing with the Mac OS 9 environement running under Mac OS X...