Running Sky Tv Through An Imac G5


Good morning, I am looking to run Sky TV through my IMac and would like to know if anybody can recommend a digital receiver to do the job. The set up would be as follows,
IMac connected to Elgato EyeTv, I then have sky set up in the front room and am looking to get a digital sender and receiver to get the signal into another room in the house. This tricky part is the receiver needs to have an S-Video connection to connect it to the Elgato box which then has a usb cable into my Mac.

I can't find a receiver with S-Video. Does anybody have any ideas or any alternative ways to achieve this,


Cheers, infact it is slighty different. I have (will have) a cable box (next year), I way of going out from that into a PowerBook is my problem. It would be great to do with out a TV. Infact, I think I would do with out a TV to save on space.
I see what you mean, I'm am looking into whether I can buy a scart to s-video convertor. If so I would have a solution, I'll let you know,