Running Unix/Linux binaries in Mac OS X


Well, I could have misinterpreted the whole situation, but isn't OS X in some way made to run Linux binaries?

If so, can we run 'em all?
Ok, I think we need to be clearer on what you mean by binaries. OS X can run many CLI Unix apps (inlcuding linux), but they must be compiled specificaly for OS X. This is relativly easy because most Unix apps that you can easily download, also come with the source.

Now if you are talking about getting binaries like quake or maple or something from linux and then trying to run it from OS X, you are going to be disapointed. They are not compatable, and even use a diffrent binary format, mach-o instead of ELF.
if you want to get a linux look alike (more or less exact lookalike) GUI under os x it;s easy if you get fink. you can then select from the ported linux packages and apps (they give you a list, it will download your selected apps install them configure them, or otherwise tell you what do to to get them easiy running. i got gnome gimp and cool games and apps that come with gnome. so i can work in osx like i work in linux :)