Runtime Revolution


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Think C++ is too complicated? Think that you're not gonna get it anyway no matter how hard you try? Think some other languages are too complex too and that you won't get it?

Well, then here's the solution. It's called Runtime Revolution. It is a development environment which uses a language which is almost "native English". It is incredibly easy to learn, little useful programs are written in much less time than a C++ program.

And here's the kicker: develop your thing on any system, and then distribute it to any other. It can build your program for basically any platform. Mac, Linux, Windows, BSD...

You can build practically anything. From a simple Textedit application to a clone of Firefox... Whatever you want, whatever you want can basically be done. Multimedia applications like a media or video player is also possible.

The current version is 2.5.1. Alright, it seems a bit expensive first, but I think it's well worth its money. Macworld rated the software 5 stars.

Have a look and be impressed...

Runtime Revolution
I've never really seen any code using Runtime Revolution, so I can't criticize or support them. What I am interested in knowing is how maintainable is the code? That is the biggest question, which I think is important especially if you are writing code that will last.

Visual Basic is easy to code for. However, try maintaining code that someone else wrote and you'll see that it can quickly degenerate into a nightmare. The point and click interface makes it easy to drop components onto a form, and for a novice to quickly knock up an application, but it makes that application ridiculously difficult to maintain once that said novice leaves the company.

I'd like to know if Runtime Revolution suffers from similar drawbacks that VB (and RB) suffer from.