Russian language support and Cyrillic fonts


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All this seems unimportant at the moment.....

I'll ask the question anyway. I need Cyrillic fonts for OS X. Can anyone tell me where I might find them? I just assumed that they'd be available on the OS. Is there a Russian language installation. I can find nothing on Apple's website that is difinitive.
How exactly are you dealing with Greek text entry right now, anyway? I have been working with Devanagari text input, and have noticed these things:

*There are no Devanagari fonts in OS X.
*Since I have the Devanagari language kit installed for Classic, OS X can see the OS 9 Devanagari fonts, and use them for Devanagari input in OS X.
*Unicode Hex input gets old fast. I pulled a chart of characters at, but holding option and typing "092c094d093009410938" just to type "Bruce" is not my idea of fun.
*I have no idea how to include Unicode in a web page. has some information on this in their FAQ, but I have yet to find a browser that can actually handle what they're telling me to do.
*In talking with someone at the new Apple store here, I am led to believe that all of my concerns with text input will be a thing of the past.
I have a greek language pack in Classic so I use that, but the kicker is that I cannot use it on X apps :mad:.

There are greek fonts (accented and unaccented characters) because I saved one of my greek documents in classic word as a unicode file and opened it with text edit and there was no problem reading it.

The problem is input in X. I dont like hex, too much typing. There is a "symbol" keyboard laout but it is fashioned after the US keyboard layout and not the greek KB layout thus it takes some guess work sometimes to find the key to press. For example omega in the Greek KB is where the V is but in symbol omega is at the W. Also the ending-s (which looks similar to the latin small caps s, in the greek KB is at the Q but in symbol you must fo capital V to get it)...also not to mention the lack of accented characters which makes greek hard to read since accent matters.

For now for my website I use ISO-8859-7 as my standard (Also called ELOT 928). Since it is a *standard* it is supported by all platforms. UNIXen and LINUXen use ISO 8859-7 for greek (I just put something in the meta tag to tell it what to use, and I also leave the font name unspecified so I can let the user's system decide on what for to use).

I seriously hope apple fixes this because I do lots of composing in greek and as soon as most most apps that I use become OS X native I will probably forget about classic, except for a few really old apps that I use. I dont want greek input to be left behind...although it probably has a little. Most fonts are bitmapped and it pisses me off :mad: There is only one font which seems to be true is behind on this...if you are going to do a "one world one cd" kind of deal you might as well include ALL languages dammit :p

I installed OS 10.1. Guess what? The Cyrillic fonts are loaded with this version. Much more language support this time around....:)