S...S...Soundj...jjjam skk....ips


I just downloaded the new soundjam for osX and it plays pretty well for a while then skips... not just a little 'sk.ip' but a 'sk...............................ip'.

So I made it load songs into memory and gave it 10 MB to work with and it still does it.

This is disturbing. I am going back to the built in mp3 player.
No skips for me! Not one. Not even when launching Classic! I'm 100% satisfied with SJP! Imagine ripping discs in the background with very little slowdown! WoooHooo!
well, I don't know why it skips but it is quite annoying. For the most part it plays fine - but once every 5 or 10 minutes it just hangs, that is a better word for it. It hangs for a few (long) seconds then resumes.

I am running this on a 266 Wallstreet, I would not be surprised if it ran perfect on anything faster.
I really like SoundJam on OS 9, but the OS X version is very inefficient (hopefully they will fix this). Look at top and compare Apple's mp3 player and SJ ... Apple's uses 15% - 20% of my 400MHz firewire Powerbook while SJ uses 65% - 70% of the machine. Do something like resize a window and you have a finite probability of running out of cycles.
It hasn't been a problem for me. I think just about all carbon apps suck up CPU cycles so the kernel is doing its job well as far as I'm concerned.
I noticed something with SJ and the built-in player: I keep my cpu monitor running (the expanded version), when SJ is in the background, it seems to take a lot less juice. When in the foreground, it appears to be sucking all the cpu.

Here is the weird part: when SJ is paused, cpu usage drops to nothing, almost like it is not even running at all. So what? When the built-in player is running it takes the same amount no matter what; fore/background, playing, paused, anything.

just an observation to ponder.