S: Script to turn-off & -on airport automatically


Hey folks,

there have been lots of threads regarding the probs with Tiger an AirPort. Until yesterday I couldn't sustain a connection to my Linksys WAP54G-router, i.e. anytime I tried to download a bigger file (latest after approx. 5MB) the connection crashed and I had to restart the router and reconnect to the INet.

Since yesterday (after updating to 10.4.2) it works out quite fine and yet... sometimes the connection gets worse and finally breaks.
This happens e.g. when I log onto a site and click on a link then I don't wait until it loads completely and click on another link on the page. If I do this several times, the connection is gone (it looks like my router is incapable of handling "so many" requests at once).

What I realized now is that if the connection is low (which actually shouldn't happen at all as the place I'm working is in direct & unrestricted sight of the router) and I turn-off the AirPort and turn it on immediately after, then the connection is perfect again.

Long story short: For resolving this prob, I'm looking for a possibilty to let Tiger do this automatically in certain predefined intervals (sth. like a script or a tool I don't know of)... anybody any ideas or probably even other options?

Thx & greetz


saw this post and was wondering if you ever found a solution to your problem (i'm having the same problem).