safari 2.0 and logitech mouse


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since safari went to 2.0 version, the keystrokes for "select next tab" and "select previous tab" has been changed: in older versions, the keystrokes were CMD + SHIFT + LEFT ARROW and CMD + SHIFT + RIGHT ARROW, but now they are CMD + { and CMD + }

the older keystrokes work most of the times on safari, except when the focus is on a text field or there is a quicktime movie in the page: in these situations CMD + SHIFT + ARROW is interpreted as a command for that particular field, play/rewind for a movie or go to end of line for a text, and so on...

my problem is when i try to assign these new commands to particular button of my logitech mouse using logitech control center application: simply the logitech control center doesn't understand what i type: the keys are not the same (see for example the attachment, i typed "{" and it showed "E"). i thought it was a language keyboard problem: i'm using an italian keyboard on english os x with english logitech control center, so i tried to switch to US keyboard layout in international preferences and i assigned the right keys "{" and "}" to the button, but when i use them on safari, they are interpreted as "[" and "]" so they means "history back" and "history forward".

it seems a logitech problem, but do you know how to fix this annoying behaviour (maybe changing the keystrokes for these action in safari)


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