Safari 2.0 won't work with Apple site?


This has to be something to do with my copy of Safari!

When I go to the Apple Widgets website at the page loads but when I click on a catagory nothing ever appears in the Widgets column. It works with Camino, though.

Could someone please check and see whether their copy of Safari 2.0 works with this? I've tried logging in as a different user on the same computer and when I try to access the URL with Safari it just crashes without opening the page.

I'm having other problems with it and I would like to confirm that they are specific to my copy of Safari.



Staff member
Works fine here ever since they've implemented that dashboard browser thingie on that page. But I don't remember whether I already was using 10.4.2 betas back then. I guess I was, I vaguely remember it being introduced when WWDC started...


Thanks for confirming that. I seem to have a messed up copy of Safari somehow. I'll try a few things and see if I can fix it.

OK, reset Safari and deleted the preferences .plist and it seems ok.