Safari 2.0


Anyone found any general answers as to why Safari 2.0 might be so unstable? I don't think it's just me--I've always had well-maintained machines, and previous to 10.4.2, a Safari crash was a rarity. Have been over my own routines, add-ons etc, and nothing's changed--and no improvement by making a new account.

I'd leave a system profile but can't find the link to download it anywhere. Where is it?

Currently two AlBooks, 17" 1.33 and 15" 1.67, running Tiger on two partitions on each machine. Basically, what I want to know is, is this likely a problem with my setup . . . or is something up with this release of Safari/ the OS update.

To what are you comparing its new instability? Safari 1.3 under Panther, or 2.0 under Tiger 10.4.0/1?

If you're comparing to Panther, than it's quite likely that some add-ons are causing problems. Just about every add-on needed to be updated for Tiger and Safari 2.0, and most of them aren't perfectly stable even after the updates.

I don't really know what to tell you. Safari 2.0 has been annoyingly crash-prone for me since day 1. I've updated PithHelmet, the only add-on I use, diligently, but even so it's definitely worse than in Panther. But it's gotten light enough that I can deal with it, and I've pinned down most of the problems to either PithHelmet or Java applets.
It's been diehard stable for me...I don't remember one crash since I upgraded. Only thing I've done is enable the debug menu and install Safari Source (colorized source code hack).

Get rid of any third party add-ons and see how it works after that.
I guess you - over time - changed your behaviour. Maybe you're using more tabs now or visit different sites. Safari's crashiness (or lack thereof) in my opinion hasn't changed much in the past 12 months.