Safari 2 Unexpected Quit on Quit


After upgrading to Tiger, Safari unexpectedly quits whenever I quit it manually (CMD Q, and from the menu).

This happens on my user account only...

I have tried deleting preferences - I haven't repaired permissions, or run disk check.

I believe it is a problem with the system fonts being activated/deactived in font book (as messing round with them has seemed to fix the problem temporarily).

Has anyone had the same problem?

OS X 10.4.2
Safari 2.0.1
eMac Radeon 7500
I've found if I enable ALL my fonts (900 +) Safari doesn't unexpectedly quit. However when I disable/re-enable them again it quits again... As I am a designer and have so many fonts, I need to switch them off and on. It could be a problem with certain fonts being enabled and duplicates exsisting already in the computer's Library font folder.

Strange that it seems only to me experiencing such a problem?

Safari also unexpectedly quits when I close a window. Man.
Okay, it is deffinetly something to do with the Computer/Library/Fonts being disabled. If they are all enabled SOMETIMES this wont happen...

It seems to be very fickle though.