Safari 4.0 crashing on G4


I installed the new release of Safari today and, while it runs fine on my Intel Macbook, it's a disaster on my G4 Powerbook. Pages either half-load before freezing or load fully and then freeze. Buttons become unresponsive, though i can still quit with the File menu. With three tabs open, the browser crashed completely and quit (several times). Has anyone else experienced this?

I'm using a G4 15" Powerbook with a 1.2GHz processor and 1GB memory (which should be more than enough, according to Apple)

*update: i just noticed the problem goes away if I disable Javascript... but this isn't exactly a solution.


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Have you done all the usual repair permissions and restarting jazz?

What sites are you visiting? What sort of javascript errors are you getting?


yep, did all the voodoo stuff like repairing permissions, restarting, reinstalling, and resetting PRAM (wasn't expecting much from that, but I'm willing to try anything).

Can't say the kind of JS errors I'm getting, the whole thing just freezes up without any kind of warning or notice. The sites I visit are nothing special, just news sites like CNN, BBC, and others like them. argh. Can the Console give me any hints?


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Yes, the Console can give you hints. Look through any pertinent logs (system.log, secure.log, CrashReporter, etc.) to see if there are any error messages coming from Safari.


Thanks. I just checked the Console.log after loading the CNN page in Safari (froze after 5 seconds) and saw this message, repeated about 20x:

2009-06-11 06:57:39.855 Safari[356] *** WebKit discarding exception: <NSInvalidArgumentException> *** -[WebNetscapePluginDocumentView isStarted]: selector not recognized [self = 0x7638820]

There didn't seem to be anything interesting in the other logs. Could it be an old Netscape plugin causing problems? I don't have Netscape installed on the machine, but it probably was at one stage.


** update: I was using the Safari Stand plugin (Tiger version) and when i deleted this, all the problems went away! i did wonder if this was the problem, but it's working fine with Safari Stand (Leopard version) on the Intel machine.

So there you go. Thanks to all who made suggestions here.