Safari and File Opening Problem


I seem to be having a very strange problem...

I just upgraded to 10.4.2 the evening it came out.

I am not sure if that is related, but it could be.

My problem lies with Safari.

I cannot seem to open .asp files from my harddrive with Safari. Whenever I open a .asp file (by control-clicking on that file and selecting "Open With Safari"), the browser window pops up blank and the Finder window where that file is located comes to the front of the screen.

If I attempt to open an .asp file from Safari's "Open File" menu command, all .asp files are grayed out and unsellectable. In fact, most, but not all, .php files are also grayed out.

If I change the file extension of the .asp files to .html, the files open fine from within Safari and are not grayed out in the "Open File" menu command.

I am totally baffled. I remember being able to open .asp pages in Safari before.

Am I crazy?

Any ideas?