Safari Bookmarks Tab



can anyone tell me why certain folders in my bookmarks bar have numbers in parentheses following them? if so, how can i change it?

for example, <apple (55)>; <reference (3)>; other bookmark folders don't do this and the numbers don't match up with anything i can figure out.

thanks in advance

This folders contains bookmarks to RSS news. The number tells you how many new RSS items are received.
This is a new feature of Safari RSS. Any page that has been bookmarked and that has an RSS feed (often referred to as a Newsfeed) will be indexed regularly by Safari to see if any new articles are available. A number will be displayed next to the bookmark sowing you how many new articles are available since you last viewed that site or its newsfeed.

To try this out, go to a site with an RSS newsfeed, such as this one:

Now, on loading the site, you'll notice that a little "RSS" symbol appears at the right-hand end of the address bar. Clicking this will take you to a view of that page's newsfeed.

If you then bookmark this newsfeed, then any time a new news item is posted on the page, the number next to that bookmark will increase. Clicking the bookmark will take you to the new items.

Folders containing multiple newsfeeds will display a number of the total new articles for each of the newsfeeds in that folder. For instance, you can make a folder called "Car News" and put all your car related newsfeeds into that. You'll then be able to view all the news articles that are collected for that entire folder just by clicking it and selecting "Veiw all RSS articles".

Hope that explains it. :)