Safari Can't (ever) Find Server


I have safar 1.3.1 (v312.3.1)and
mac is x version 10.3.9

I just moved to the east coast from the west (u.s.) and since getting here, safari hasn't once been able to connect to the internet via airport, despite having full sets of bars in the airport status icon.
I've tried it at several different coffee shops/wireless connections and it just gives me the message
"safari can't open the page "..." because it can't find the server "..." (elipses mine). I've tried various websites and have received the same response.

Thank you for your help. (I've been trying for over three days now).

What should I do?

Go to Apple Menu --> System Preferences --> Network.
Try making a brand new network location, as your current settings are probably mucked up somehow. You'll need to go to Location drop down and choose "New Location..."
This should create a new network location with default settings, so if you had changed a setting in a weird way, it should work OK.