Safari Crashing


I have an older powerbook G4 (titanium), 500 mhz, 512 memory. I am having trouble with Safari suddenly crashing when I go between websites. I have no problem with some sites but it will all of a sudden crash when I go from say my homepage to NYDaily or Juniper. I have downloaded all updates but it is still occurring.

For a while I was also getting keychain error message (unable to store site on keychain) but that has disappeared. I was also having a problem with applications disappearing from the dock every time I reboot. Is a virus causing all this.


Scratch & Sniff Committee
It will not be a virus. There are no viruses on Mac OS X.

Most likely it will be a corrupted keychain. You could try going into Applications/Utilities/Keychain Access and running Keychain first aid, or even delete the keychain and start over.

Another common cause of Safari crashes is third-party add-ons such as PithHelmet or SafariExpander, both of which I've found can make Safari about as unstable as an app can get.