Safari/Firefox Lock up


this may be a little long winded, but i want to ensure all pertinent info is posted. after downloading the latest safari update i started to encounter lock ups of my entire system...spinning beach ball and then forced to reboot. after four different calls to mac with no help i switched to firefox after reading a post on this forum. voila....problem gone. however, i am having the same problem two weeks later! this is so odd and i am starting to think it might be something more sinister. mac had me create a new user account, drag safari plist files to the trash and a few other things, but non of them worked. ran onyx and no fix. firefox seems to be working this morning, but it crashed 7 times yesterday. it also seems to happen more frequently when my mail client is open at the same time. i'm completely lost! any ideas? please suggest anything no matter how basic it may seem as you won't insult my intelligence....i'm a mac moron and this is all new to me as i have only had it about a month. thanks in advance for the help. dan
It sounds like your mac can't find some of the file systems that it needs to run the applications. You could try the "Disk Utility" application in the folder applications/utilities.

First select a drive to check or repair, then, in the first aid sectioin, click "Verify Disk Permissions" This will scan the hard disk and report any loose ends that it finds. The button below will repair the problems.

Be careful of the Erase functions... it does exactly what it says on the box!

Good luck with the fix, I keep minne in the dock as I use it so often.

Let me know how you get on.

Cheers Sime.

in disk utility you can actually use "repair disk permission" straight ahead verifying is a useless step and if you did run onyx (i'm using 1.5.2) maintenance it does verify and repair the permissions. As a general rule it's good to repair them after you have installed a new soft and or on a weekly basis.

BTW Which safari version are we talking about and running which OS, might help identify where the problem comes from and you might find some answers using the search feature ? :)