Safari has suddenly gone wrong.


MacBook Pro 2013
OS 10.9.2
Safari 7.0.3

It was working last night. Shutdown overnight and started again an hour ago. I can view websites like this, but I seem to have lost stuff linked with images.

Photobucket appears, I can log in and see the skeleton of the page but no images. I can see images in posts published by others, and also ones I have just posted from my desktop iMac.

In websites I cannot add attachments. I can choose the picture, it's the right size, it loads and I can see it on the list, but if I try to attach it to a post, nothing appears. But I can post text. Like I'm doing here.

Everything works correctly on Safari on my iMac running Lion.
Everything works correctly on this MacBook Pro if I use Firefox.

I have Reset Safari. Quit Safari and Opened it. Restarted the computer. Shut down the computer and started it up. It's still broken.


Well, I think I've found it. Somehow Java Script got turned off. Don't know how. Wasn't me. And no one else has used the laptop...