safari javascript and css - need help


we have an application developed for ie5/6 series browser that needs to work with the current safari browser on mac osX - the project uses extensive javascript and css to build dynamic menus.

attached is a saved HTML render of a coldfusion page. we are concerned only with fixing the javascript/css code to function as it does in IE. all links to stylesheets are in the code, so you can feel free to download the CSS files.

please contact me if you can help.

thank you,




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I don't like your chances of getting people to volunteer for this without some sort of compensation; browser compatibility is the most hated part of web design (bar none).

PARTICULARLY if your code is designed around IE 6 (which, so far as CSS is concerned, is about as standards compliant as a 70s punk rocker).

I'd look at getting it to work on Firefox first (since Firefox and Safari both are regularly updated to support current standards, they tend to act the same or similarly on equivalent pages), then port from there to Safari.

You're likely going to have to have a conditional CSS loading JS (which means maintaining multiple style sheets all the time), or at the very least a myriad of CSS hacks. When you say IE 5, do you mean IE5 for Mac?



thanks for your reply - i wasn't looking to find volunteers. i'm looking to find someone with the expertise to provide a solution and of course based on a proposal.