safari - pith helmet alternative?


I was trying pith helmet out and I really like the functionality. What I don't like is the instability it causes for Safari. Are there any alternatives that do the same thing?
There is nothing else with the scope of PithHelmet, no. However, there are other ways to block ads, if that's all you want.

One way to filter ads, that doesn't require any hacks and will actually work in just about any browser, is to use a custom CSS file. Check out for a pretty good filtering CSS file and instructions on how to use it.

There's also another add-on called SafariBlock that only blocks ads, and works more like AdBlock for Safari. I've never used it myself.

As for me, I've recently stripped down PithHelmet's rules. I no longer have any blocking rules set at all. That's all handled by CSS. I still find PithHelmet invaluable, though, and my performance/stability problems are gone now.