Safari Preferences


I am trying to change the preferences on 60 machines for the Google image search. I need to change the preference to Strict Safe search and then broadcast the preference. I can't seem to figure out which preference it is. It doesn't seem to be the Safari folder or the Safari plist file. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
A 'Google' web site preferences setting is not web browser related.

The file you seek Grasshopper, is '~/Library/Cookies/Cookies.plist'.

To adjust your 'Cookies.plist' file and then broadcast it - will replace those individual's 'Cookies.plist' files, which will certainly contain additional and / or different entries than your copy.
Thus, various individuals will find themselves re-entering information required by some web sites; and, 'your' cookie specific information would be utilized by any related visited web sites, by others.

There are various ways to edit 'Cookie.plist' files; but, such would be beyond the scope of this thread.

A quick way (for you) to create a clean 'Google' specific 'Cookie.plist' file:
01. With 'Safari' not running, go to and open the '~/Library/Cookies/' folder, and re-name the '~/Library/Cookies/Cookie.plist' file - such as 'Cookie.plist_'. (This will preserve 'your' existing 'Cookie.plist' file)
02. Launch 'Safari' and go to Goolge's perferences web page, make the desired 'Google' preferences settings changes, click on the 'Save Preferences' button, wait for a new 'Cookie.plist' file to appear, and rename the 'Cookie.plist' file - such as 'Cookie.plist+'. (This will create a clean 'Cookie.plist' file, with the 'Google' preferences settings only)
03. Quit 'Safari', and wait for a new 'Cookie.plist' file to appear. Trash the 'Cookie.plist' file, and empty the trash.
04. Rename the '~/Library/Cookies/Cookie.plist_' file as 'Cookie.plist'. (This restores your original 'Cookie.plist' file)
05. Move 'Cookie.plist+' to the 'Desktop' and rename it 'Cookie.plist'. (You can now distribute a 'Google' only 'Cookie.plist' file.)

You should notifiy others that the new cookie will affect their web browsing, and re-entering information will be necessary.