Safari print options?


I've noticed that Safari seems to print things without a margin, unlike Firefox.
I need these margins so I can hole-puch pages without text getting punched away.

Anyone know how to change Safari so it can print with a margin?
Safari doesn't usually give me any problems with margins...normal 1" to 1.5" margins on most things. Some pages (sites) have separate CSS stylesheets for printing which may be causing some of the issue...could be a developer's issue there.

Some options:
  • File>Page Setup: Set the scaling to something a bit 93%.
  • File>Print: Select "Paper Handling" from the drop down (defaults to "Copies & Pages") and select "Scale to fit paper size". You could try using '8x10' there to add some to the margins. Just save a preset for when you need it.
  • You could try saving it as a PDF first, then printing the PDF.