Safari Problems Under Mac 10.3.9


Hello all,
Is there anything new in the 10.3.9 that deals with the file management? I have a software that creates html, that html file opens normally in safari. But if it is opened at the and you try to create an edited version u won’t be able to do so, since apparently safari is using it. This didn’t happen with me neither on IE nor on safari before updating my system from 10.3.6 to 10.3.9. I installed safari 1.2 on 10.3.9 and yet it didn’t work.., any suggestions? any workarounds?
Thanks in advance guys
the only lead I can think of is that when you install x.3.9 safari 1.3 comes with it, so if you still have 1.2 there's something wrong try reinstall and that might solve your problem