Safari - Unable to Load Plug-in Error


Safari version: 2.0.1
Mac OS Version: 10.4.2

Error message:

Unable to load plug-in

The page “” attempted to load an Internet plug-in named “Shockwave Flash”, but the plug-in failed to load successfully.

When trying to load or and others.

It first occured just a few hours ago and it is the first time I have ever experienced it. I've been a Windows user for the past 10 years and so and this august decided to switch to Mac so I'm a fresher when it comes to all this.

I had problems earlier with Activity Monitor that I accidentaly erased a few days ago and didn't know how to reinstall. Found a good tips at and solved the problem. Don't know if that relates to the current problem.

So far I haven't experienced any difficulties surfing the web, but haven't check out that many sites. Right now it's just really irritating to have that pop-up window appear every second site I surf to.