Safari will not launch


ibook, OS 10.3.9. Nothing attached. Everything seems perfect except: Safari will begin to open with "" in URL. No Safari name in menu bar next to blue apple. Then spinning beachball. Must force quit Safari. I noticed it was Safari 1.2. Ran repair permissions and removed everything I could that was related to Safari and downloaded new Safari. No luck. Re-installed 10.3.9 using combo updater and now it's Safari 1.3, but same thing happens. Any ideas?
Yes. Did you ever install anything for Safari? Like PitHelmet, Saft etc.? If so, remove those. Completely. Or update them at the very least. How did you ever end up with Safari 1.2.x on 10.3.9? That's suspicious. I'd follow that trace.
I did not ever install anything for Safari, like PitHelmet, Saft etc. How did you ever end up with Safari 1.2 on 10.3.9? Who knows. Had logic board replaced in London and they installed 10.3.9, but Safari was 1.2. that prompted me to re-install 10.3.9 combo updater and that gave me the correct Safari 1.3, but it still opens and quickly freezes (spinning ball) with URL saying "" in URL
Uh Oh...

I just sent mine out to have the logic board replaced (had the screen die on me). I'll let you know if mine does the same after it comes back. Does Firefox run properly? How about your other internet enabled applications?
delete Safari Cache folder here;


delete Safari preference file (plist) here;

Oh, I've done that twice, deleted EVERYTHING related to Safari and reinstalled OS10.3.9 twice, repaired permissions, ran MacJanitor, etc., etc. Just keep getting Safari window to pop open blank with URL for a moment and then spinning beachball. Must force quit. I'm wondering what's with the yahoo stuff so looked all over for, etc. No luck. I'm just stumped!
You will loose all your Autofill data, but try Safari > Reset Safari and see if that does not clear up your problem. (That is also a recommended fix for Safari slowdown issues.) Also check Safari > Preferences and see what the text encoding is set to. Mine is set to Western (ISO Latin 1) and the Yahoo site works perfectly here. I have also run into a couple of similar cases where the problem turned out to be the user's ISP.